Recruiting Zhedia

Discussion in 'Factions Recruitment' started by hjrry, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. aboderu

    Jan 6, 2017
    Zhedia is a joke.

    Hjrry still owes me.
  2. Soykk

    Apr 17, 2017
    Harry give me your ig's
  3. Raging_Creeper

    Sep 20, 2016
    IGN: obsidy123 (sorry soyyy for using this account)
    Previous Usernames: none
    Age: 15 (didn't put correct age on forums-rushed)
    Timezone: uk
    Any punishments on Omega: Yes, a warn for telling someone /pay me -1000 and it takes my money), ban for saying that if they pay me they get tryhard kit, warn for spamming pms, ban for flying in combat, warn for "insulting", warn for spamming, mute for "insulting", warn for calling someone a stupid nigger, mute for hate speech??, warn for saying that i hate all niggers, chinks, fags, hispanics and whites. warn for spamming chat, mute for saying in chat, ban for calling staff corrupt (they were at the time) and being overall disrespectful after being told numerous times to stop (basically nescre being dumbo), warn for telling a friend to tp to me 3 times, warn for saying to a e girl "stfu noob ill rape you.. rape is funny." warn for saying "nigga", warn for saying "faggot kys", warn for saying to someone "shut up bitch.. hang yourself slut.." ban for 10 warnings. warn for saying to these people "nigga faggots, nice 2v1 and pvping". warn for alot of /afk spam. and then a ban for 10 warnings again.
    Rate pvp skill out of 10: 10, can rape betafreak
    Rate cannoning/raiding skills out of 10: 10 i make 900 block nuker fusion slab-breaker burst one-shot nuclear hybrid parafusion bomb cannon.
    How active are you: i am not active im very fat pls halp
    Why do you want to join Zhedia?: so i can inside.
    Previous factions?: too many
    How long have you been on Omega Realm?: idk 016
    How long have you played factions in general?: idk 2016
    Tell us about yourself: no